The #1 Worst Carb to Eat if You’re Trying to Lose Weight

Carbohydrates can definitely help you lose weight make you feel satiated where you feel full and content and give you tons of energy .The problem is what kind of carbs are you eating when it comes to your metabolism the worst carb that you can eat are processed carbs that’s going to slow your metabolism down yes it will give you that sudden surge in that power of energy for a short time but you’re going to go on a roller coaster because as you spike up that sugar that glucose that keeps going high eventually it’s going to get to a point and it’s going to come down real fast and that’s when you start to feel fatigue and tired like you want to conk out but first you need to understand what the glycemic index is to simply put it’s a measure of how quickly a food causes your blood sugar level to rise and the measure ranks food on a scale of zero to a hundred foods with a hundred glycemic

index are quickly digested and absorbed causing a rapid rise in blood sugar so you can see those foods with a high glycemic index those sugars will get metabolized very quick it will spike up your blood sugar levels they’ll start to soar your insulin will start to soar as well and you’re going to get that energy crash on the other hand eating low glycemic index foods will not spike blood sugar having fiber within your food particularly whole foods like fruits and vegetables and natural foods that grow from the ground that’s going to slow the digestive process down keeping you satiated keeping you full and you’re not going to overeat so the answer to losing weight and feeling satiated is the fiber and the problem with refined carbohydrates is that the fiber has been stripped away the body’s glucose and insulin will spike up high and fast and eventually over time your cells are going to become insulin resistant and this is what leads to type 2 diabetes and here’s the big problem is too much excessive sugar means too much insulin and we have too much insulin that means we’re going to have more fat storage and that’s usually visceral fat that’s the fat around the gut around the abdomen that’s unhealthy fat that leads to more serious problems and that slows your metabolic rate down so start complementing your meals with healthy complex carbohydrates your natural whole grains your quinoa your oats your natural veggies those foods that are filled with fiber that’s going to keep you full it’s going to slow your digestion down it’s going to help your body burn fat and you’re not going to overeat so it’s the simple refined carbohydrates the foods that are stripped from its fiber that’s causing diabetes cardiovascular disease clogging of the arteries as well as many other diseases so start eating healthy your body.

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